Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Evaluation Part 8

Looking Back At Your Preliminary Task, What Do You Feel You Have Learnt In The Progression From It To The Full Product?

Over all I feel that I have learnt a lot of different skills since the begining of this project. I have learnt how to use FinalCut Pro to a good level, I now can edit the look of clips such as the colour and not just their length. I needed to learn this after a camera on the second time shooting hued all the footage orange after the contrast was too high. I had to colour correct this footage to match with the existing footage, this was successful as I cannot tell a difference between the colour of the clips in the final draft. I also learnt how to edit sound on FinalCut Pro, this enabled my group and I to play around with the soundtrack and sound at the end of the clips. We wanted the music to fade out leaving the protagonists footsteps, however after doing our teacher suggested having the song end loud and suddenly, we decided on this for the final version. 

I believe that the planing and production stage went well because Emily and I came up with an idea that we were both excited about. This made it easy when it came to creating the finer details on the film because we were both on the same page. 

There were some difficulties workiing in a group, however we managed to move past them. We had trouble with commutation at the begining of the project and further on when we had different ideas. Julia made her own version of the title sequence seperate from the one we made as a group which wasn't made clear to me or Emily. However we showed both versions to class and combined the positive feedback from both to amend our final title sequence. 

Evaluation Part 7 -What key decisions did you make about technology during pre-production/ production/ post production in light of technology and skills

Evaluation Part 6 - How Did You Attract / Address Your Audience?

How Did You Attract / Address Your Audience? 

I feel that as a group we have reached our target audience, we done this through elements of the title sequence. Such as elements as the mise-en-scene and soundtrack, also parts of the narrative. These appealed to our target audience (15-30) as within the mise-en-scene there are props which females of our target audience would own so they could relate to them. These were things such as expensive perfume bottles, watches and bags. Although some of the target audience members will own these items some will also aspire to own them. The opening shot is of the DKNY and PRADA bags which attracts these audience members. The sheer amount of money in the sequence attracts both the male and females in the target audience group, this is because the average person aspires to be rich/well off. 

I thought that the soundtrack we picked would appeal to our target audience, this was because it sounds like a current song. Many of the positives on the feedback sheets were about how the song fitted the genre and of the title sequence in general. This shows how we were right to think that the song "Street Cred" would appeal to our audience. 
Over all I feel that the majority of people enjoyed our sequence as we got mostly the same positive feedback. That the narrative is clear and the macro and micro elements work together. 


I think the title sequence could be improved if we re shot the end scenes of us on the street with a different camera. This is because other cameras have settings where you can lighten the exposure as you film. We did lighten the shots in FinalCut Pro but they could have looked better if they were filmed differently. 

Something I thought went well was the close ups of the actresses faces through out, this is because it shows their response to having the money in their possession. 

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